9 ways to create positive vibes

by Josephine's day magazine
create positive Vibes

Today I’m sharing 9 ways to create positive vibes. Certain vibrational frequencies are capable of having quite dramatic, immediate, and long-term effects on our mental and physical states. That works both ways—certain frequencies have the power to pump us up (or key us up, freak us out, and agitate us) just as some have the power to bring us into calmer, relaxed states, and many states in between. Let’s have a look at things that give us peace of mind and good vibes, as well as things that bring us down.

9 ways to create positive vibes

Food and water

Keep your body clean both inside and outside. Eat as much natural, organic food as possible. Discipline is a helpful thing. Our will grows if we stick to it. Plus we make better choices. Every time we eat healthy meals, our body becomes lighter, we feel lighter and in a better mood so we can do a lot more. Eating healthy makes us feel energized and light on an emotional level. A well-balanced diet is the easiest way to create good vibes. Here’s my advice:

• In the morning, digestion is weak, so the food should be light: a variety of fresh raw fruits such as berries, vegetables, nuts and so on. When we eat lunch, our digestion is at its strongest. It is a great time for vegetables, cereals and legumes. Dinner should be a light meal: protein foods, fresh vegetables and fruits.

• Try intermittent fasting. For example: do not eat breakfast, then eat lunch when you normally do, and dinner at 6 p.m. And then don’t eat again until noon the next day. (18-hour interval fasting). Or you can always skip dinner.

• Make food at home and avoid meat. If you eat too much, most likely you feel sleepy and lazy. Treat your body with respect.

• Drink clean water daily. Limit coffee, tea, energy drinks and juice. Choose the most natural and pure water or water from a proven source. Drinking enough water removes toxins from your body, boosts organ function, improves blood circulation, and the absorption of vitamins and minerals.


Physical activity is necessary to free your blocked energy. Exercise in the morning, stretching – develop flexibility, running. In the evenings, passive sports – yoga, breathing exercises. Dancing and exercising every day can boost your vital energy and create good vibes. After sports, blood circulation is activated, energy centers are filled, and energy begins to flow through the body. 

It’s better to pick your favorite sport and exercise since we know what works best for us. Regular exercise and healthy habits are very beneficial. Here’s some advice to start running and strengthen your body:

♥ Warm up before running. Drink water.

♥ Listen to your body’s signals and stop when needed. Don’t push yourself too much.

♥ Exercise for at least 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week.

9-Week Beginner’s Walk-to-Run Program

Week   Run    Walk    Repeat    Total
1        1 min   2 min      7x        21 min
2        1 min   1 min     10x      20 min
3        2 min   1 min      7x       21 min
4        3 min   1 min      5x       20 min
5        4 min   1 min      4x       20 min
6        6 min   1 min      3x       21 min
7        9 min   1 min      2x       20 min
8       12 min  1 min  then run 7 min
9       15 min  1 min  then run 4 min


People have used sound to treat all kinds of ailments for thousands of years. Ancient Egypt and India used sound therapy. The Greeks said that all physical forms are manifestations of music. Music hieroglyphs meant joy and happiness and music was a symbol of happiness. It was found in the writings of that time that life and health depend on harmonious frequencies and that begin in the mind of a man. Then, they travel through the body to other people and nature. Sound can harmonize your body and mind, and help you feel better. Here are some tips to create good vibes:

Listen to your favorite music. It will calm you down and help you relax. Nature’s sounds have a calming effect on our mental health. It is the sound of ocean waves rolling in and out, forest trees rustling, a river’s flow, the crackling of a bonfire, the sounds of a guitar. Take a walk. Spend time in the fresh air. Listen to the chirping of birds, play your favorite instrument. Do you know about ocean therapy or forest bathing? 

Vitamins of the air – Negative ions create good vibes

There’s something in the air and while it may not be love, some say it’s the next best thing – negative ions. Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, invisible molecules that we inhale in mountains, forests, near waterfalls or on the beaches. When negative ions get into our bloodstream, they activate biochemical reactions that boost serotonin, the happiness hormone.
It helps us feel better, relieves stress, and boosts our energy. Generally speaking, negative ions increase oxygen flow to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. Negative ions will definitely create good vibes. You may feel sleepy when you are sitting next to an air-conditioner, but feel immediately refreshed and energized when you step outside or roll down the car window.

Accept as little negative information from the environment as possible

Stay away from negative things. Watching horror movies, fighting, or other violent events won’t bring you joy. That will kill your vibe. Don’t read the bad news online. You should also avoid listening or accepting other people’s troubles, complaints or gossip. Keep out of negative conversations, rumours spread by others, and do not get involved.

Even though we cannot change the situations shown on TV, when we see them, we get excited, we talk and discuss them. If we cannot change or influence the situation we are talking about, it is just a waste of our time and energy. Here’s our advice: choose positive, inspiring, hopeful, energizing, emotional movies. Read positive motivational articles online. Energy flows where intention goes. Dive into your hobby or spend time doing pleasant things you adore, instead of talking about bad things and wasting your energy in vain. To make things happen in your life, keep your energy in the same direction. Let’s keep good vibes.

As long as we live in this world, we will experience negative emotions, but it is up to us to decide whether we want to feel them  every day.

You shouldn’t be interested in the lives of strangers

You shouldn’t be interested in the lives of your neighbors, friends and relatives. Besides, you shouldn’t look out the window and keep track of where they are and what they are up to. Don’t check the profiles of strangers on Facebook and Instagram every day. Don’t talk about the lives of others, don’t judge, don’t be fanatically interested in the lives of others. When we live this way, we give all our energy to others and waste ours, instead of living our best life and experiencing pleasant things. Concentrate on your own happiness.

Create good vibes in your home

Your home should always be clean if you wish to have a warm, welcoming, and relaxing atmosphere. Clean dust, wash the floor and take out the trash. Our housekeeping tips:

♥ Get rid of all the stuff you don’t need. Find them a new home.

♥ Fix anything broken, and throw away anything that can’t be fixed. Throw away broken dishes.

♥ Donate or sell clothes you don’t wear. Clean and repair damaged clothes. Finish laundry and put away clean clothes.

Get rid of negative feelings

This is the most important thing of all. You need to learn to identify your negative feelings: anger, fears, hate, grief, control-obsession, jealousy, guilt, sense of duty, victim syndrome, desire for revenge. Pull out and let go of all your negative feelings. Everything that is stifled and hidden, because of pain or fear in the deepest corners. You have to identify these feelings, find out where they come from, and why you are feeling them right now. Try to trace situations. This will make it easier for you to deal with your emotions in the future. Admit your mistakes and take a much simpler look at everything. Let it go. Every day is a lesson. Think like a kid: get angry, yell, and after five minutes, love everyone without remembering anything.

Do not box yourself into being the same person as you were yesterday. And just the same, do not hold others to be the same person they once were. We all grow. We all are different. This is the nature of life, how beautiful. It is easier to live and create out of love.

Simple and natural meditations to create good vibes

The opposite of happiness is meaninglessness, when man has no meaning to live. Find the reason to be happy and live your life to the fullest. Listen to the ocean, the river flow, the voices of birds. Dance barefoot on the grass in the rain. Breathe in the forest and hear the whisper of its trees, watch the flame of a candle or raindrops running down the glass. Listen to children laughing. Sing your favorite song. Release toxic emotions and think about good things. Do something you’ve never done before. Get out of your comfort zone.

Take a shower and enjoy the water, imagining how it washes away all the negative thoughts. Play with your pet or children. Cook: smell, taste, see the colors. Color a mandala. Watch the sunset, the stars, feel their energy and enjoy them. Taste new delicious foods while traveling. Hug your beloved one when you sleep. Buy yourself brand-new, long-desired shoes. The Italians say: „Dolce far Niente” – the sweetness of doing nothing. Be Italian – have a good rest, do nothing and enjoy it with a heart full of joy. Find your own way to be happy.

Love you


create positive Vibes




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