Easy Steps to Keep your Dog Calm in Public

by Josephine's day magazine
Steps to Keep your Dog Calm in Public

Today I’m sharing easy steps to keep your dog calm in public. It is possible to see the future character of your dog by closely watching the puppies in the litter: is the puppy one of the bravest, or timider, how does he treat his siblings. Dogs, like humans, have different characters and manner traits. Each dog has a different character and reacts differently to the people or animals they meet at the public events.

Basic Dog Training


• Watch the very first events with your dog away from the crowd. You shouldn’t take your pet directly to the crowd. Take lots of treats and encourage them to behave properly. For example, so it not react to passing dogs, not chase cyclists, and so on.

• Make sure your pet gets enough exercise before the event – a tired dog is usually a calm dog!

Make sure the event is not stressful for your pet. Pay attention to your dog’s body language. Shrinking, the attempt to become smaller, shows that he is very worried. Frequent licking, head turning, shaking, or even trying to run away means the same. Not eating may mean that your dog feels fear. Often due to high level of tension dog refuses food. In this case, you should increase the distance to the stimulus and allow your pet to calm down. Direct your dog’s attention to the games. Caress gently until he calms down. Bring with you toys or a tennis ball. The most important thing is not to force him to do what he clearly resists.


If you’re traveling with your dog to the event, no doubt you will get the attention of people around you. Unfortunately not always pleasant. What usually to expect? Many caresses, especially if you have a small puppy. Even the friendliest pet can get tired due to excessive attention. Sometimes attending the events brings negative emotions. The best advice is not to let everybody to touch it. Any contact must be reciprocal. If you aren’t sure that your dog wants to greet strangers, follow the rule – no caresses are better than unpleasant ones. Make sure your pet’s safety and mental health comes first.

Keep your pet on a leash when introducing him to visitors.

 Unexpected contact is even more damaging. We’re talking about cases where animal lovers touch an animal without asking. This can scare away and create a negative association that will be difficult to break down later. If you see that you can’t avoid the contact, warn your dog that someone will touch him soon. The easiest way to do this is when the pet already knows certain commands, such as “go greet,” and knows that a greeting awaits after those words. To learn this, you only need to repeat the same phrase before each greeting.

Basic Dog Training


Some dogs have a yellow ribbon tied to the collar or leash. What does it mean? The Yellow Dog Project is originated in Sweden and has become a global movement that helps educate the public on the fact that not every dog should be touched. The yellow ribbon on a dog’s collar is a sign, that the dog needs some space and that you need to proceed with caution. Please respect that! Asking the owner for permission is always a good idea.


Dogs can be fearful of loud noises, music and other boisterous forms of human entertainment, like fireworks. Loud noises scare pets and most dogs do not enjoy fireworks. It’s wise to leave the event before they start. Pet ears are sensitive to loud noises.


Most people like barbeques, but that is unsafe and can harm your dog’s health. Beer, wine and alcohol can lead to life-threatening seizures and/or respiratory failure in dogs. When people begin to eat, take your dog back to his area and give him his food or enrichment toy to keep him busy.

Be sure your pets have well-fitting collars with up-to-date ID tags just in case your pet gets lost.

 Dogs who are out in the summer need plenty of water and plenty of shade. Check their feet. If they are panting or agitated, it might be too hot for them. It’s time to go home.

You know your dog the best. If your dog gets overstimulated, overwhelmed, or nervous in new environments, it is probably time to go home where he will be more comfortable.


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