Platform Chelsea boots for women

by Josephine's day magazine
chelsea boots

New shoes transform your body language and lift you emotionally. Love for rough platform Chelsea boots isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!! The most fashionable shoes of this season still remain the chunky sole, platform Chelsea boots, only the colors have changed”. According to the Pantone Color Institute, the season colors are beige and cream this year, so do not be afraid of light color autumn shoes.


While platform Chelsea style boots are extremely fashionable, let’s not forget the elegant office shoes. In the cold season, we offer a choice of loafer style shoes.

One of the trends this autumn and winter is loafers with a classic or chunky sole and a round toe that will go perfect with trousers, dresses and skirts, and there will be no shortage of elegance for this type of style. Combine classic loafer shoes with white or bright socks to create a bright image.

Two pairs of shoes are enough to look stylish and feel great. Choose modern classics this season – loafers, platform Chelsea boots or combat boots. A pair of stylish shoes will inspire unexpected changes in style and satisfy everyday needs both at leisure and work environment.


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