12 questions for conversation with yourself

by Josephine's day magazine
conversation with yourself

Sometimes you just need to stop, sit down and think, turn off the phone, and be alone with yourself. Conversation with ourselves is necessary for us to understand the closest person – myself.

1.When was the last time I was very happy? What made me feel happy? When and how can I make myself happy like this again?

2. What is bothering me now? Will this matter a year from now? after 5 years?

3. Do I have desires, dreams? Do I know how long it will take them to come true? When was the last time I did something to make them come true?

4. If you would be already 90 years old, would you be proud of yourself now?

5. Am I inspired by my environment? Who can I call to share my joy and worries?

6. When was the last time I lied to myself? Why? What has changed since then?

7. Am I happy today? How did I make myself happy today? Who made me happy today?

8. How does my love for others and the love of others for me manifest?

9. When, if not now?

10. What am I thinking now? What do I feel? What do I want?

11. Which moments in my life did I act the way others want me to, not the way I want to? Was it worth? Would I do it again?

12. Have I moved myself closer or further away from my goals today?

Silence, calming down, and conversation with ourselves help us to survive unpleasant events or crises and recover. In difficult moments we are frozen due to stress. Properly reacting and making clear thoughtful decision is sometimes not possible due to a wide variety of feelings and emotions. Being in silence with ourselves, talking to ourselves, can help us to keep distance from the problem and look at all the chaos from the outside, turning off emotions to find the answers we need. Finally calm down.

Be the closest person to yourself. Stop scrolling. You have time. Go outside. Take a deep breath.  Look at the way the sun light hits the trees, the different colors in the water, the textures of the plants. Look closer. Beauty is in the details. Take a breath. You’ll know what to do.

Have a nice Sunday!

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