Souffle Omelette Recipe from Japan

by Josephine's day magazine
japanese suffle omelette recipe

Today I‘m going to tell you how to make super fluffy souffle omelette. I have never tried to prepare souffle omelette like this. My husband found this souffle omelette recipe in the YouTube, and he said it‘s from Japan. It melts in the mouth, I swear.


2 eggs,

¼ tea spoon of salt,

½ tea spoon of sugar.


At first separate yolks and egg whites in different bowls. After separating add ¼ table spoon of salt to yolks and mix it well until smooth consistency.  Then add ½ tea spoon of sugar to egg white’s bowl. Make sure, that bowl is clean and dry, because even one drop of the water in can ruin everything. You can use the whisk to beat the egg whites, but then you will need to work a lot with your hand and it takes a while. Things get easier and quicker when you work with electric mixer. It takes for me just 1 min.

Make sure you don‘t over whip it to the point of separation. When egg liquid will come out, it won’t be fluffy anymore.

Add yolks to the egg whites bowl, and mix it up very gently until it becomes one color consistency. Use 22cm pan, and put it on low heat. Don’t use the hight heat. Spread some butter or cooking oil in the pan to prevent sticking.

Pour the eggs into the pan immediately. Spread on the pan surface until smooth. Cover the frying pan with the lid, keep the heat on low, I make it 5-6 on hob. Keep it for 4 minutes until fully cooked.

After 4 minutes, fold it in half gently.  It is ready to eat, if you want you can fry it a bit more. Flip it to the side to help lock the runny filling in. Look at this masterpiece, it looks adorable.

japanese suffle omelette recipe

japanese souffle omelette / Photo: youtube

You can serve it with all seasonal vegetables. This time I served  with my mom’s garden tomatoes, sweet and sour olives marinated in Modena vinegar with honey, oil, salt, garlic, lemon juice, fresh thyme and green rosemary twigs.

It’s so satisfying to eat, literally melts in your mouth, very different from a regular omelette. It’s the best while it’s hot, latter it’s gonna deflate. Bon Appétit!

japanese suffle omelette recipe

Japanese souffle omelette / Photo:

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