Honest Review of My Favorite Designer Bags 2022

by Josephine's day magazine
My Favorite Designer Bags

In this life, to carry a stylish bag is a pleasure and a fetish for many of us. I understand that there are many more important things and goals in life than bags and clothes, but when we dress up and look beautiful — we feel better, we are in a better mood, so for many of us it is a big pleasure to spend money on a good handbag. Of course if we can do this at the time. Here is my honest review of my favorite designer bags.

People often ask me: Which bag is your favorite? Well Excellent question. Today, I’ll tell you which one of my handbags worked best for me over the last few years, all their positive and negative aspects and what’s the best handbag worth investing in.

YSL medium Sunset shoulder bag

Four years ago I bought YSL Medium Sunset Shoulder bag, in color „Dark Beige”. I ordered a light color at first, but it did not look as nice as this one, so I returned it. It is a classic handbag, so I think it will stay with me for a long time. I prefer more grained leather, though every woman’s style is different. Both are beautiful. I was told that smooth leather is sensitive to scratches and crocodile leather is more resistant. This is not true with this bag. It still looks great after four years.

Chanel wallet on chain bag

The second bag I have – I call it „baby”, because it is a small handbag, but very cute. This is my Chanel Wallet on Chain in Caviar leather. This bag is an absolute classic and I plan to wear it for a long time. I chose black, rough leather, because I got a lot of advice that lambskin is very scratchy and wears out quickly. However, if I were in love with the bag, I would probably still buy it anyway. This handbag can hold a phone, keys, lip balm, and a wallet. I cross the chain inside the bag, thus shortening its handle to a medium length, so instead of a crossbody I make it a shoulder bag. It is not difficult. Let’s be creative, girls. And if I had to choose one of all my handbags, I would probably choose this one.

Bottega Veneta Jodie knotted tote bag

The third bag that has been my complete love for the last two years. It is the Bottega Veneta Jodie Mini in color „chalk”. I bought it before its price rose. If you want white, don’t get it, because it’s such a white refrigerator color. It is very difficult to match clothes since everyone else looks yellow next to it. The shades of white in our clothes typically range from yellow to a dirty, cold white. Chalk is white, but it has a grayish tone that makes it easier to match. This was a very smart decision. I thought it was going to be very impractical, but it turned out that in the winter, I wore it the most…

The main question everyone is asking: — Do I regret purchasing white.. besides what about stains and scratches? That’s what it looks like when you buy that unpractical option. And you know, as a rule in life, when I think I’m taking an impractical thing, those were the things I wore really often and nothing happened to them. There is no staining or dirt after two years, so all fears are in our heads. Despite its small size, it holds everything I need – keys, a wallet, a phone, lip balm, and hand cream. By the way, I find it very soft and pleasant to touch.

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Monogram Canvas bag

Alma BB Monogram Canvas is one of the last handbags, I bought from Louis Vuitton. When I saw it in the store last year, I thought it was very cute. I know it’s on the rich women’s unconscious shopping list, but in my opinion it is a very cute handbag that can be styled beautifully. The bag was designed in 1934. Since I’m planning to wear it during the summer, I picked a style with light details. The canvas of the bag is everlasting, but the handles turn brown over time. This is most likely caused by oxidation. You can pair it with simple, casual clothing to avoid looking like a rich starter pack.

YSL Manhattan shoulder bag

YSL Manhattan is the bag that received the most compliments and questions. I already have enough mini handbags, so I wanted a slightly larger one. Although I was supposed to wear it daily, I seriously doubt that now. Considering how sensitive it is to scratches, I want to protect it. When I bought the YSL Sunset bag, everyone said it is very sensitive and all the scratches will be visible, but it is still the same as it was on the day I bought it. This leather is completely different. I scratched my Manhattan handbag with my nail on the first day. The bag scratches from everything it touches. Although it is a real „Miss Sensitive”, it is still a very beautiful model.

YSL puffer medium bag in quilted vintage denim

YSL Puffer bag – is a bag that you can wear every day. They are usually sold out. This handbag was with me everywhere I went last summer. I have worn it nearly every day. The fabric is vintage, made of dirty jeans, so nothing is visible on it. I used to carry this handbag every day. It was loaded up with everything I needed to the lakes and ocean. Denim handbags will be trendy this year as well, therefore I will continue to wear this bag to the fullest this summer. It looks great with simple dresses, white denim clothes, a camel coat and everything from sneakers to high heels. Very easy to style.

My Favorite Designer Bags

Balenciaga hourglass leather wallet on chain bag

This handbag was an unexpected purchase. I found this tiny version last year when we stopped to check out the newest collection with my friend. I thought, that I don’t have a lot of different color bags and it will be an accent for my outfits that are colorless. As the only option, I would probably not recommend it, but as a color accent – why not?

My Favorite Designer Bags


Polene numero neuf, edition camel

It is an option when you can’t afford a designer bag, but still want excellent quality, something very beautiful and stylish, a more exclusive model. I chose the French Polene Bag, Numero Neuf, Edition Camel. My biggest compliments. I like this model, even though I bought it years ago – it is still my favorite.

The last bag today, is the black Beri from Polene. It is minimalistic, interesting form, suitable for summer wear as well as my Chanel Wallet on Chain.

A handbag for summer

There’s one bag that doesn’t need any maintenance. I carried my YSL Puffer Denim Bag all summer long. It looks nice with summer clothes. This stylish piece fits anywhere, from city to beach, it is non-sensitive, and suitable for everyday wear. I saw a lovely Dior bag in the store, by the way.

Bags that disappointed

I am not disappointed, but the YSL Manhattan bag leather is very sensitive, so it failed to meet my expectations and it has not become my daily essential. I didn’t expect that. Is a crocodile imitation version worth buying? I think it looks too fancy. Mine looks minimalistic and simple, easier to style. Would I change it? No. Since it is so sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend it as the only bag you would use every day.

For my birthday, I would like to buy myself a Chanel handbag. What would you recommend ?

I think it depends on your lifestyle, how you dress, and what bags you already own. Chanel Wallet on Chain is always a good choice in winter and summer. I plan to keep it and not sell it. Many women dream about a Classic Flap bag, with champagne-colored details. It’s a classic choice, but it all depends on your style. I would not consider bling bling options, with pendants and sequins, since they grow old in time. I know that for some people, it’s part of their style, so I can’t say it categorically.

What kind of purse do you have?




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