How to start exercising when you’re out of shape

by Josephine's day magazine
how to start exercising when you're out of shape

Today I’m sharing my best tips for how to start exercising when you’re out of shape. Did you know that women who wear comfortable shoes consume far more calories than those who wear high heels? The difference between flat and high heels is over 6000 kcal per year, which is about 12 bars of chocolate. The secret is simple: when you wear comfortable shoes, you don’t even notice that you walk way more. This is truly the best workout!

My best tips for how to start exercising when you’re out of shape

It is necessary to do your workout outdoors

Running outdoors will burn a lot of calories and help you lose weight faster after quarantine. When you walk outside, you overcome obstacles, climb mountains and descend. This way your abdominal muscles have to work, and the buttocks and thigh muscles are working to their full capacity. Daily workout is important for physical and mental health at every age. Let’s go outside!

Moving on the grass is safer

Those who have joint problems should always remember: workout on the sidewalk or concrete greatly increases the risk of injury. Run on grass or unpaved trails. It is significantly safer and better for your knees than running on a concrete surface or on a treadmill in the gym.

Where to start

It is better to start from 15-20 minutes on the first day. Increase your daily load a few minutes every day. After 9 weeks, you will easily run or walk 6 km or more. The most important is to believe in yourself.

If you wish to reduce fat in your body, you can combine light running with fast walking. Or just walk faster over longer distances.

Workout that boosts heart health

You should train your heart muscle in such a way that your heart rate is more frequent than usual, and stays that way for a while when you train it. It is not so important how fast you walk or run, but how your heart responds to this workout. Your heart, like any other muscle, can grow and strengthen. Muscle will respond to gradually increasing exercises of resistance and endurance. Working out will strengthen your heart muscle and it will pump blood more efficiently. At rest, the heart beats more slowly, and movement makes it beat faster. The trained heart tolerates physical exertion better and better. Remember, it all happens gradually, it takes some time.

It is very important to warm up before you workout. For people with heart disease, it is better to start with simple workout and then add more complex ones, increasing the load gradually. You should also gradually extend the workout duration. To maintain the smooth functioning of the blood circulation, you should walk 3 km a day, which takes about 40 minutes. A variety of physical activities are suitable for strengthening the heart, but keep in mind that it is necessary to choose the right load when working out. Excessive physical activity can disrupt the normal functioning of your heart. The possibilities for each of us are different, so watch yourself how you feel and how your body responds to the movement, take a break if necessary, reduce the intensity and shorten the workout if necessary.


Don’t forget to drink water. Choose unsweetened water, and drink at least 1 liter. Wash the bottle often, and if you use plastic bottles, change them time after time.


If you want to feel light weight, healthy and look slender, try to consume most of your food in the first half of the day. Choose mostly raw, uncooked food that is high in fiber. Avoid sweets, flour and starchy foods, alcohol – it is high in calories. Don’t forget to eat bananas at least once a week, as they contain the potassium that your heart needs. Eating light food will make you feel more energetic because your body will not waste his energy on digestion. Prepare light meals, e.g. salad so that you always have it with you and you can get satisfied quickly and healthily when you feel hungry. This will keep you from overeating.

Workout to stay healthy

You can workout by walking, running, swimming, riding a bike, climbing stairs up and down, doing push-ups, pull-ups, jumping over a jump rope, hitting a boxing pear.

Intense workouts increase the strength of the heart muscle, improve the body’s ability to absorb oxygen from the blood and transport it to other parts of the body. It also helps regulate blood pressure and reduce blood clotting. Workout involves the entire body, so the circulatory system is involved. As a result, your face will look younger and brighter. You will feel younger. Movement is essential.

Your workout should last at least 30 minutes, five days a week. If possible, do your workout in nature, in the fresh air, go for a walk in the forest, surrounded by many trees, and as far away from the pollution of heavy traffic as possible.

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