How to store perfume bottles?

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hot to store perfume bottles

Today I’m sharing with you my best tips on how to store perfume bottles. Perfume is an art that brings memories to life. Each perfume has its own story. They’re all about feelings. Every scent is a feeling. When we smell old perfume, the memories or associations pop into our heads and take us somewhere. Perhaps it’s a country or a trip, maybe a place, or someone very dear and special. It is deeply related to our emotions. We remember how we felt then. Happy, in love, sad, safe…
When men or women wear their favourite fragrance, they feel confident, attractive, happier, and less stressed. Ancient texts show that even in some of the earliest human civilizations, people made, used and loved perfume.

History of perfume

The first known perfume maker lived in Mesopotamia, before 1200 BC, according to historians. It is the chemist Taputti. Perfumes were produced in ancient Egypt, Rome, Persia, India, East Asia. Perfume makers used flowers, herbs and spices such as coriander, myrtle, conifer resin, bergamot.

At the time, the perfume was a mixture of oil and crushed herbs. Archaeologists have found a 300-square-meter (3,230 sq ft) Bronze Age perfume factory in Pyrgos, Cyprus with about 60 distillation vessels, mixing bowls, funnels and perfume bottles. The oldest perfume in the world was found in this factory dating back 4,000 years.

Perfume came into Europe thanks to Arab merchants only in the 14th century. Almost at the same time, Hungary created modern toilet water. It was made by mixing essential oils together with alcohol. Subsequent improvements by the Italians and French have made perfumes so successful that the cultivation of flowers as a raw material for perfumes has become a major industry in the south of France.

How the perfume is made?

Firstly, the fruits, flowers or other raw materials have to pass through distillation and evaporation processes – this is the way the essential oils are obtained. The essential oils are worked up, mixed and then diluted with water and alcohol.

hot to store perfume bottles

The perfume scent evaporates in three stages

When you spray, you smell what is called the top notes. This smell lasts about 15 to 120 minutes. These are light scents of citrus fruits, fruits and flowers. When the scent of the upper notes fades, you will smell the heart – middle notes. It begins to spread after half an hour, and you can smell it up to four hours. It can be heavier floral notes.

In the morning you will smell the base notes. When the middle notes fade, the base notes become noticeable. It can last up to 12 hours. Base notes are musk, wood, herbs, amber and vanilla.

How to store perfume bottles?

Do you store your perfume properly? If not, you can completely ruin your favorite perfume bottle. Perfumes should be stored with some kind of rules, as they are sensitive to changes in temperature. It is essential if you want your favorite fragrance to last a long time.

Sun, heat and cold

Can I keep my perfume on my cosmetic table or in the bathroom? No! Direct sunlight, heat or cold affect the perfume’s smell and overall quality of the fragrance. Direct sunlight changes the smell, and the heat breaks down the perfume’s chemical bonds that affect the smell. Low temperatures can also change the scent of perfume. Never leave your fragrance in the car when it’s cold or hot. Your fragrance should be kept away from windowsills and heating place.

The bottle type is important

Some perfumes are in dark or opaque bottles. That protects the liquid from light and direct sunlight. The darker the bottle is, the better and longer the perfume will retain its scent. If you store your fragrance or essential oil in amber glass bottles, this is a good solution.

What about perfume, that you keep in your bathroom? As summer is near, we start dreaming about vacations and warm weather. Bathrooms are warm spots and create a similar climate. Many people keep their perfumes in the bathroom because it’s the most convenient place. The problem is that excessive heat damage the fragrance. Store your fragrance in a neutral, dry place.

It would be best to store perfume in a bedroom where it is cool but not too cold, at room temperature, or in a dark room or closet, where you store other items. The fragrance storage area must be dry and dark.

The most memorable fragrances are the ones that can transport you to a specific place or time. Even if you haven’t smelled them before. What is your favourite perfume? What was your last purchase? Write in FB comments.

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