Influencer marketing: How to get more permanent clients?

by Josephine's day magazine
influencer marketing

Today, Influencer Marketing and social networks play a huge role in the marketing space. Many marketing specialists are choosing influencers as a part of their successful marketing strategy. So how can you get an agency’s attention?

My name is Kylie. I am the leader of an Influencer Marketing Agency. As I was an influencer, I was on the content creator’s side, so a lot of things looked different. Now I’ve been working on the other side for a while. Today I’m going to tell you what’s really important. Let’s start.

The influencer has to provide high-quality content, be professional, have good communication skills, and of course know how to present himself. Here are the points that affect if a brand or agency will choose to work with you in the future.

The statistics

If you want to sell yourself, you have to put in some effort, right? Very often I have to deal with situations when an influencer does not prepare statistics. The average of post reach, reel reach, and story reach is a must. These indicators are helpful for the client when he is deciding whether to work with a particular influencer (although other indicators are also considered). Every influencer should prepare his statistics. This way you will look much more professional. You should answer queries and submit statistics.

When we contact an influencer for collaboration, we really appreciate when he or she sends a short pdf file about him. This file should include all the statistics, values, and a few sample projects. Then it is very simple to look at the influencer’s data and decide if he is a good fit or not.

Content representation

You can’t even imagine how happy I am when I see that all the content is in a ZIP file sent by an influencer is neatly named (e.g., story 1, story 2, post text, post photo 1). That shows how professional the influencer is!

The results

Never rush to send a bill until you have sent the results. After all, the job is complete when the customer receives the results. Don’t forget to ask if the customer is satisfied with your work. This will show us that you are willing to have a long-term partnership with us. Unfortunately, only one in ten influencers think this way.

Quick response to letters and requests

The work in many agencies or companies is very dynamic, so it is unlikely that we will choose the influencer who needs to be „won over” after calling three times or writing five letters. Show you’re willing to work together. This point is relevant in other areas as well. For example, today I decided to choose a new accountant, because the first one did not call me back twice in a row.


Don’t be afraid to present even the strangest ideas, because sometimes it helps to achieve even better results for both parties.

Friendly communication

We always value friendly, positive, and professional communication. We think it’s important.

Did you find these tips helpful? We’ll tell you more in our following posts. Stay Tuned!

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