Perfume That Smells Like Chocolate

by Josephine's day magazine
Perfume That Smells Like Chocolate

Perfume that smells like chocolate – my story. When autumn comes, sometimes my thoughts jump to a warm house, firewood popping in the fireplace, cosy wool blanket, hot chocolate, and moist, vanilla smelling, mouth-watering muffins. Peace rushes over me when I sit by the fireplace. I feel safe. It feels good. These are memories of cosy holidays with my loved ones. Is it just me, or do you feel the same way?

Smells are always associated with feelings, which is why today’s story started with such emotion. When we smell different perfumes, we remember various moments of life. We regain the feeling, the memory of how we felt then. Safe, happy, upset, in love, cheerful, creative, fascinated. Today I will tell you about my old friendship with perfume that smells like chocolate.

Perfume that smells like chocolate

I forget everything when I walk into a perfume store. I just keep sniffing. Then suddenly I hear a charming voice: mom, mom, look, there is perfume that smells like chocolate! I came closer and smelt it, really, what a pleasant smell, like chocolate cookies and maybe milk. When I leave the store, I immediately forget them, but the next time I come here, I hear an invitation to sniff the chocolate perfume again. And this time I’m not able to resist. I always thought that to smell like food is stupid, but is it really?

Old temptation

I remember twelve years ago, when I found a perfume that smelled like chocolate at the very end of the perfume store and often came to smell it. It was Laurence Dumont – Vanille Chocolate. Later, while checking out perfume news, I stopped at Montale Chocolate Greedy, but also did not purchase. I don’t want to smell like food, I thought to myself then.

Today I decided to give up to my old temptation. So many years of sniffing in the store. Now I have perfume that smells like chocolate at home. If I want to remember my childhood, good times with my family, I just can go and sniff a bottle on the shelf. It doesn’t matter to me that the kids will run after me. My new chocolate perfume is produced by Chabaud, called „Lait et chocolat” – milk and chocolate.

Chabaud – Lait et chocolat (Milk and chocolate) perfume main accords:

Top notes: jasmine;

Middle notes: teak wood and cedar;

Base notes: chocolate, milk, vanilla and musk.

I would describe this smell as follows: chocolate, lactonic, sweet, vanilla, cacao, powdery, woody, warm and spicy. Everything in one scent is a rich, gourmet chocolate perfume. Holds all day, no smell of alcohol. This is a big advantage for me. When the chocolate fades, milk, vanilla, teak wood emerge. After smelling it I find myself in La Duree or Godiva chocolaterie in Paris with a moist, fragrant, mouth-watering dessert in front of my eyes.

The Chabaud Family

Perfume that smells like chocolate comes from France. The Chabaud family is based in Montpellier. They can offer a wide range of perfumes, scented candles and home fragrances. All perfumes from this manufacturer are made in France. Bottles are made in an old factory in the Normandy region, candles and perfumes in Provence, Grasse.

Grasse has an international perfume museum, so if you’re a perfume lover, visit it when traveling to the Côte d’Azur or Provence. This area is famous for its unique scents made from quality raw materials. The city is home to such perfumery stars as Fragonard, Molinard, Galimard.

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