Relationship: make it stronger

by Josephine's day magazine

Relationship is the connection between two people. We have many different hobbies with my husband. He enjoys a variety of sports that I find weird to watch, he likes bad boys action movies with J. Statham. I love watching funny YouTube videos of kittens playing and learning to jump. In the meantime he is allergic to cats. In short, it’s not easy for us to find ways to spend our free time together, that we both would be happy, because we are different. During the last trip, he tells me: it seems that we became closer.

I was surprised. For real, we laughed a lot, shared our impressions, talked, discussed. We spent a lot of time together on the trip. We went to play sports together, we discussed instructors, had some breakfasts together, even we went shopping together and discussed about our things. We both had common experiences and common themes.

Without shared experience, your relationship will actually fade. Spending time together is not the same as sitting together in the same room and watching your phones. When you sit in the same room and do some common activities or just chat about intresting things, your commonality with each other arises.

Pick together something to your house that you both like. Create a puzzle together, wash the dishes, talk, create plans, discuss, etc.. Communicate, do things together, such as exercise, or go for a walk every day in your free time.

Go somewhere together at least once a week. For example, on  Fridays you can come up with a rule that this day will be your dates day, and whatever happens you will spend this day together. You can go to watch the movies, have dinner, or do something together what you both like. This will allow you to break away from everyday affairs, routines and do not forget about each other, that you are a couple.

Remember what you were like at the beginning of your relationship, the excitement before the dates, and butterflies flying in your stomach, how you wanted and waited and enjoyed the time you spent together. Remember the attention you paid to each other.

Relax together, go on trips constantly, at least for a short time. Make surprises for each other. It can be quite simple things, such as breakfast or some favorite dish, or at least a glass of water can lift your mood. Even then, if person succeeds in work, has enough money, good health, without closest people around and love, lonely man wouldn’t feel happy.

Each one of us wants to grow up the wings. We work a lot and sometimes we just forget people around us. We can try to do some things for our relationship, if it’s really important. Not everyone succeeds, because people change and grow up, but it’s worth to try after all.


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