Should I Get a Dog Quiz (part II)

by Josephine's day magazine
Should I Get a Dog QUIZ

This is: Should I get a dog quiz – part II. Sunny joined our family exactly one year ago. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! Owning a dog, however, is a big responsibility, so before getting one, you should test yourself and ask a lot of questions.

There were quite a few questions in the first article. Today, I will add to this list the new ones that came to me over the year, when I was taking care of my dog Sunny. All right, let’s begin.

• Did you know that you could start blaming yourself for spending too little time with your furry friend?

• Are you ready to follow all parenting rules? Although we said our dog wouldn’t sleep with us in bed, but now … our dog sometimes sleeps on my pillow and the worst of all, that I like it.

• Will you accept the truth, that you have to leave your dog for someone else? It was very difficult for me for the first time. I asked to send some photos, because I was worried, like it would be my real child. You can forget your spontaneous travel.

• Are you ready to endure all stages of your dog’s life? Because animals also have adolescence when they start rebelling and seem to forget all commands.

• Do you know that your dog will need to be led outside for a lifetime? No matter the weather outside, your job, your health, etc.

• Do you appreciate the fact that not all people in your environment will fall in love with your dog as you do? Sometimes you will have to hear negative comments that you either have to ignore or learn to tolerate.

The cost and responsibility

• Do you know that you will be worried about everything that happens to your furry friend? I can’t tell you how deeply I’m concerned that some people intentionally poison puppies, leaving poisoned food in public places.

• Puppies get sick sometimes. I didn’t mention that puppies have all sorts of health problems. You will be worried as you would with any family member. In return, your dog will teach you valuable lessons, including …  absolute love between .. I really don’t know if I could find a better friend in the whole world than my Sunny.

•  Many dog owners are very inattentive and don’t even realize that they have to take responsibility for their dogs, not let them run loose, and take notice of other people’s dogs.

• On New Year’s Eve, you won’t watch fireworks in the backyard, instead you’ll probably be sitting next to your dog in the bathroom, because it feels stressed or is in panic.

I could talk all day, but I will never regret my 36 kg of happiness for a minute anyway.

What are your feelings and emotions while you are raising your dog?

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