Should I Get a Dog? 9 Questions to Consider Before Getting a Dog (part I)

by Josephine's day magazine
Should I Get a Dog

Should I Get a Dog? – pops in your head. Consider the most important things before getting a dog. My brother, who has a dog for 3 years, took a strange tactic on us. At first it seemed really odd to me, I was even mad at him a little bit. To test if we are truly ready to take proper care of the dog, he started drawing everything from the bad side. Now I understand why he did that, and I would give the same „advice” to him in the same way. What questions would I ask if I saw someone wanting to get a puppy? Ready to test yourself? Let’s start.

9 Questions to Consider Before Getting a Dog:

• Are you ready to spend the first three weeks outside every hour? Can you do this while working?

• Are you ready to get up at night for the first few weeks: to clean up the surprises and to play with the puppy when he is sad? He will really whine and leave the presents.

• Are you ready to deal with surprises at home until your dog is 1 year old or when your dog gets old?

• Are you ready not to get mad when it makes a poop on your bed? Because she did it twice in the same evening. Imagine changing your bedding every hour.

• Are you ready not to get angry when your puppy ruins things? Because she has already damaged a new sweater and scratched our sofa, which I think we will not change for another year. The sofa looks a little bit shabby now, but there is no point in replacing it while the puppy is young. She is even stealing our socks.

• Do you have someone who can take care of your dog when you have to go on a trip? Did you know that many hotels are not pet-friendly?

• Would you be able to spend all your time with your dog every day? He needs to play, he needs to be trained and learn a lot of things.

• Do you know that a dog is a living creature and you will have many expenses: such as the dog purchase itself, food, toys, vet bills and so on.


Should I Get a Dog? What is your answer?

And for the end. She left me a fragrant surprise next to me on Friday morning while I was in an important online meeting. If all these questions from my experience seem insignificant to you – congratulations! We wish you luck finding your new family member! We love our Sunny so much, she improves every day and I can’t even imagine how we lived without her!

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