Clothes Sales: what to buy?

by Josephine's day magazine
Shopping sales guide

This clothes shopping guide will save your money during the sales,  read and take advantage:

1. Have your own style. Be unique. You don’t have to look like a crowd. Buy only the clothes you really want to carry on and you feel comfortable with it. Be you.

2. Be aware of following season trends to make sure you choose right clothes, as you don’t want to invest in items which is already out of fashion.

3. Know your own body shape.

4. Analyze your personal style. For example if you are a mother of 3 and you are always on the go, you definitely can survive without 5 sequins dresses even if each of it is just a couple of  $ , better look for clothes you are missing for every day wear.

5. Look for natural eco fabrics such as: silk, cashmere, linen, wool. They last longer, are comfy and practical.

6. Avoid too big or too small clothes, you won’t wear them. Eventually they will sit at the back of your closet.

7. Look for neutral colors. Black, white, beige, grey, red, navy, moss green is always a WIN. Try clothes at home with items you already have, if you find new „piece” hard to style, return it.

8. Buying clothes is often related with our emotional state. When we buy a new garment, we feel happier for a while. But this feeling lasts quite short. Try to find the activities, that gives you satisfaction, joy or a sense of happiness instead of looking for it in the clothes store. You will save your money and feel happy.


9. Don’t try to look expensive. Expensive clothes will not make you stylish. You can find stylish clothes in affordable budget stores, like ZARA. Sport, clean-healthy skin, self-confidence and a good feeling inside are more valuable than any Chanel. Invest in your wellness.

Look at the richest people of the world. Why do most rich people wear simple clothes, and why do people who are not very rich tend to spent all their money to expensive clothes? Poor people stay poor because they spend money on expensive clothes or cars instead of saving for own house or investing in their own business. Trendy vehicles are usually expensive, they lose their value and are bought with interest payments. People become rich, because they are not concerned about how other people see their clothes, vehicle or home and concentrate on doing important things in whitch they feel passion.

Carrie Bradshaw spent all her incomes in to the Jimmy’s Choo’s, Manolo’s and expensive apartment rent. Don’t spend your money trying to look rich, instead of spending it on actually becoming rich.

Invest in the travel, it will never lose the value, memories always stay alive, even when you will be old. Buy your own house, instead of wasting money on rent. Be wiser about your finance, read books about investing, passive income, wealth. Surround yourself with minded people.


Travel is The Only Thing You Buy That Makes You Richer


Our stylist comment: If we talk about specific items – it’s a blazer, shirt, jeans, and so on. I would not recommend buying seasonal trendy items.


sale shopping guide


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