How to stop yelling at your kids

by Josephine's day magazine
How to stop yelling at kids

How to stop yelling at kids? Yelling at kids is a common problem for parents, therefore we will share helpful tips on how to stay patient and calm while spending time together. These tips are not just for parents, so check them out!


When anger overwhelms us, we are ready to fight physically, to compete. Hormones are released in the body and the muscles as a result become tense, the pulse increases and breathing speeds up. A person who feels angry may underestimate the likelihood of negative consequences. When we are angry, we start to judge everyone around us negatively. As a result, we begin to blame the other person’s negative qualities rather than seeing the circumstances of the current situation.


If we as parents can’t manage our emotions, how can we expect our children to be able to manage their own? After all, parents are always the first example they follow. Children learn everything from their parents.

Your kid gets scared when you scream. His brain development centers disconnect. When a kid begins to feel stress and fear, he is unable to learn and is less open to parental influence. It is necessary to take responsibility for our emotions so that it is not emotions that control us, but we control our emotions. Kids can learn one of the most valuable lessons of life from you – to deal with strong emotions responsibly.


Why do we keep yelling at kids, even though we realize we are doing wrong, but at the time it seems completely appropriate to us? It is essential to consciously understand why we behave in one way or another. It is important to identify the reason for such behavior. It is necessary to stop responding impulsively. Once realized, it is necessary to take responsibility for your own actions and choices.


As soon as you are calm, you should diagnose your condition and name the reasons: – What’s wrong with my life? Why do I feel mad? I am yelling at kids. What I’m missing to stop behaving like this and change this situation. You can change many things: attitude, to improve your sleep, starting to get to bed earlier with the kids, talking to your husband, and so on.

When you will be able to take care of yourself, you will be able to meet the needs of your children as well. After all, as long as mother’s inner jug ​​is empty, you will not have love, energy, desire and motivation, you will not have anything to share with the children, and the same thing will happen every time. The energy, desire, motivation and love inside of us come when we feel well. Name what you are missing and do your best to feel full. You can regain a joyful mood with the help of a healthy diet, physical activity or other things that help a woman to love herself and feel happy.


When we learn to stay calm, so do the children. You teach your child how to turn anger into peace through your behavior. Your relationship with your child is strengthening. Your child grows emotionally, gains self confidence.

Don’t doubt yourself. Even if the habit of yelling at kids is strong, you will definitely have the strength to change it. Once you have done this thirty times, for the thirty-third time you will gain new skills and act different. Believe in yourself. By replacing the screaming habit with peace of mind, you will want to spend more quality time with your children, taking their wishes into account. After all, love grows love, peace creates peace, and so on.  In a harmonious relationship between children and parents, children gain natural inner motivation and a desire to listen to their parents. Happy parents, happy kids.

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