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georgina rodriguez

Cristiano Ronaldo’s beloved Georgina Rodriguez shows up in her reality show I am Georgina on Netflix. It is the excellent idea for the weekend. Especially if it is cold outside and you got sick.

Who is Georgina Rodriguez? It is the football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo beloved woman, his life partner and mother of his children. In the reality show „I am Georgina”, Georgina Rodriguez talks about her life before she meets Cristiano Ronaldo. Georgina Rodriguez travels to her childhood home with her sister, visits her ballet school, a hotel, and other places where she worked and grew up as a person.

Meeting Cristiano Ronaldo

They first met with Cristiano Ronaldo five years ago. Georgina Rodriguez arrived in Madrid and got a job at the Massimo Dutti clothing store. She gained good experience working with customers and moved to other work place in Gucci later. Georgina Rodriguez met with Cristiano Ronaldo in this store. Fascinated by the black-haired beauty, he started visiting the store more often. Her colleagues gasped when they saw Cristiano Ronaldo Bugatti standing near the store, waiting for Georgina Rodriguez to come over. They went for dinner and spend some time together. It was love at the first sight. Several times she waited at home dressed and ready for his calls and messages. Georgina Rodriguez pretended to live her normal life. She spoke normally, trying not to show, that she waits for his attention. Well but so do many of us, girls, don’t we? Can life be normal if you start dating Christian Ronaldo? I don’t think so.

Similar families and values

The reality show I am Georgina is complemented by Cristiano Ronaldo interviews. He is glad that his beloved woman is from a very similar family as he is, that they both grew up in similar circumstances and in many aspects their lives are similar. The most importantly, their values ​​are the same. For both of them – kids and the family are always the most important thing.

Family home

I am Georgina story shows several couple’s houses where the couple is staying at the moment. Their huge house and their four-gate car parking lot look impressive. Here stand all the most expensive and the fastest cars in the world. Does she drive it often? Georgina Rodriguez daily life is slightly different.

The normal day of Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez with her driver and a security van rushes to the school to pick up their four children. Cristiano Ronaldo has a son – Ronaldo Junior, who is the eldest of the family’s offspring and follows his father’s footsteps. Cristiano Ronaldo has the twins from the surrogate mother and one more daughter with Georgina.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo are currently expecting twins. So a total of six offspring will grow in the family soon. The joy and responsibilities will multiply.

The morning starts with taking their kids to school, then taking them to after-class activities and spending almost all her free time with the kids. So the couple not so often use those beautiful shiny cars in the garage. Cristiano Ronaldo calls to the family trough FaceTime several times a day, because of a busy work schedule he can’t be with them together. This way, the family always feels like Dad is the next door.

Sometimes Georgina Rodriguez flies with family’s private Jet to the places where her beloved is playing at the time. In Budapest, after a football match, Georgina’s fear moment was shown. She was going to the exit and was attacked by fans. Georgina Rodriguez run away with her eldest son and body guards, because she didn’t know if it was fans or dangerous people. That’s the price of notoriety.

The dream of living in Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo dreams of living in Portugal. Here people respect him and do not persecute as in the other countries. While spending time in Portugal they both feel good. Cristiano Ronaldo with Georgina Rodriguez can have a quiet coffee or lunch without the annoying crowd of paparazzi.

Reality show with no dramas

In this reality show you won’t see dramas that have been the working engine in the many seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians show. Georgina Rodriguez shows her casual life without trying to create dramas. But luxury is definitely enough here. In one of the series Georgina travels to Monaco. She lives there on their yacht, meets with the owner of the Ferrari and members of the Monaco Royal family. Georgina Rodriguez admits later, that she didn’t recognize them and was worried that was wearing too simple Polo shirt.

Advantages of being famous

But what does it mean to you, when you are the mother of the children of such a famous man as Cristian Ronaldo? You are fashion icon and you dictate fashion and all doors are open to you. If only Georgina Rodriguez wears any designer clothes, shoes or handbags, that item will soon be sold out all over the world. Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed man on the Instagram. Georgina Rodriguez has close to 36 million followers.

Georgina goes to Roberto Cavalli‘s store to shop and when time to pay for the goods comes, Georgina just hears: „It’s on us”. All clothes or accessories manufacturer wants the most famous people in the world to wear their clothes, shoes or handbags. After all, this is the best advertising strategy.

Time with family only on holidays

Cristiano Ronaldo spends time with his family during his holidays only, which are really short. A rich life has its pros and cons. Evaluate it yourself. Have a good time watching!

Cover photo credit: Instagram Georgina Rodriguez

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