How to use LinkedIn to find a job?

by Josephine's day magazine
How to use LinkedIn to find a job

LinkedIn is the largest professional community in the world. People want to learn to communicate effectively on LinkedIn. Some people are even looking for professionals to communicate for them on LinkedIn. My name is Kylie. I am the leader of an Influencer Marketing Agency. Today I will give you several relevant tips on how  to use LinkedIn to find a job. Firstly I will give the most effective and simplest advice – STOP OVERTHINKING. JUST BE YOURSELF.

My Tips: How to use LinkedIn to find a job?


Many people think that LinkedIn needs some super smart articles with very in-depth analysis, numbers and etc.. In fact, people love when you speak to them simple, understandable language, when you share your emotions, projects or works that were successful or you are proud of, or when you share problems you have solved and insights which facilitate your daily work and processes.

In other words, don’t think too much – people are curious and they will find many topics interesting to them. Everyone in your audience will choose from your posts what is the most interesting or useful to them. Every message will reach its audience, no matter what it is about.


The biggest mistake people are doing, in my opinion, is pushing themselves way too hard. For example: „I will write 4 posts a month”. And what if that month wasn’t full of fun at work? Write when you think, “oh, this post will be really relevant to my audience,” or “I really want to celebrate this achievement,” and so on. If the message in your mind comes from your heart, and excites you, it means it’s worth posting.


I have noticed more than once when friends or colleagues suddenly start communicating on LinkedIn, or create an account on this site, it turns out later they are looking for new career opportunities. It would be a good start with that, but the bottom line is that things don’t happen at the click of a finger.


I suggest you start communicating on LinkedIn here and now, not when you are planning or have already decided to change your job or field, but long before that, in order to:

✔️Your LinkedIn followers will get an impression of what you are: what your qualities are, what matters most to you, how do you work, where is your focus, or whether you are promising in your space, and so on;

✔️You will have plenty of time to make fresh contacts that will be helpful to find new opportunities;

✔️I can confirm it, since I know it from my experience. I’ve been actively communicating on LinkedIn for the third year in a row. As soon as I posted that I’m leaving my job, I received 17 different job offers (some were really tempting, but I knew already where I’m moving next). All of these offers are the direct result of my LinkedIn communication. If I hadn’t communicated here before, no one would have noticed that I even exist on this earth.

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