Reprogram your subconscious mind

by Josephine's day magazine
reprogram your subconscious mind

Today we will learn the practice to reprogram your subconscious mind. This will require complete honesty with yourself, because exercise is a powerful way to see the truth, dispel illusory beliefs, and reprogram yourself. Some people live lying to themselves and don’t want to admit it. Later, however, it turns out that the mind programs seem to imprison them. People can’t move forward, see the real picture, change, grow and improve themselves. Only by hacking your mind programs can you break free. You have a great opportunity to do that. Start today. Take a pen and write down all the important things that are going on in your life right now and affecting it. Good and bad ones. This exercise is beneficial to everyone, no matter how old you are.

Reprogram your subconscious mind


Think calmly about things that, although you want them to be true, are really just sweet lies. Be absolutely open and dare to admit the truth to yourself.

Some examples:

LIE: I’m lying to myself that I don’t have time.

TRUTH: There’s enough time for me when I’m not wasting it. When I’m setting priorities, there’s enough time for what’s meaningful to me, when I want to keep up with everything.

LIE: I lie to myself that my marriage is successful (it could be worse, I would stay alone, my partner isn’t so terrible, etc.)

TRUTH: I don’t really feel happy in marriage, I want a divorce, I think I would have a better life with another person, I’m tired of such relationships, and so on.

LIE: I lie to myself that I have no addiction to social networks.

TRUTH: I really don’t think I can give up social networking. I realize I give too much energy in vain. I spend more time on Facebook every day than with my kids or beloved ones.

LIE: I lie to myself that I want to live in nature.

TRUTH: The truth is, I wouldn’t replace the amenities of the city with the life of the village. I would be afraid to live in nature, because I really like living in the city and so on.

LIE: I lie to myself that I love myself.

TRUTH: I allow others to get advantage from me. I live in a victim position. I don’t care about myself.

LIE: I lie to myself that I live a healthy life.

TRUTH: In fact, I often eat fast food, consume a lot of sugar, don’t exercise, I am not spending time in nature, consume alcohol, smoke, spend all day at the computer, and so on.

LIE: I can’t …. I couldn’t … it’s just not for me and so on.

TRUTH: I could really … but I’m afraid, lazy, hesitant, and so on.

Write until you write all the lies programs to yourself. When you’re done, go back to each thing you wrote and answer the following questions honestly:

1. What will my life look like 20 years from now if I continue to lie to myself about it?

2. What will my life look like 20 years from now if I acknowledge this truth and take action?

Answer these questions, draw conclusions and take action. Everything in your hands.


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